Are you ready to be a bookkeeper?

Bookkeeper is becoming a prominent profession in Australia, especially in Melbourne, for those who have head for numbers. If you’re planning to work in the bookkeeping industry, then bookkeeper is the job for you. Bookkeeper’s main responsibility is to track flow of money and pay bills of the business that you are working for, in time. Bookkeeper also ensure that all other employees get regularly paid and to keep a check and balance on all the company’s financial record. A Bookkeeper job sound pretty impressive but before you apply ask yourself if you are ready to be bookkeeper yourself!?

Types of Bookkeepers

Mainly there are two types of bookkeeper which are the contract bookkeepers and workplace bookkeepers. Contract bookkeepers work from home whereas workplace bookkeepers work in an office environment. In both types, bookkeepers need to have the skill to work in a team as well as independently when required. You should also acquire professional skills before applying for position of bookkeeping.

Why hire a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers are mainly hired for one reason which is being able to prepare business activity statement (BAS).  BAS refers to an essential tax statement that every business has to send to the tax office annually. To do so, specific registration and qualification is always required. For instance, in Australia, a bookkeeper should register as a BAS agent with the Tax Practitioner Board. To register as a BAS agent, you need to complete either the Certificate IV in Accounting or Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. The value of these certificates is to teach you the payroll systems. It also helps you to prepare financial reports and it also gives you the practical skills that you need to acquire to fulfill the bookkeeping role. Work experience also counts to get a part of bookkeeping because it would help to expand the role of the industry and understand the everyday chores of bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping in Melbourne

The value of Bookkeeper in Melbourne is high as there is even a website as that understands different needs various businesses and other nonprofit organizations. Many companies also require a comprehensive bookkeeping service to help business run their operations. Bookkeeper Co website offers what businesses needs and tailor by providing bookkeeper service to suit with the quality or accuracy of the business.  Bookkeeper Co helps providing qualified and experienced bookkeeper staff. Services offered by Bookkeeper Co include inventory payable accounts, management, payroll system, receivable accounts, BAS lodgments and financial reporting. Bookkeeper Co offers full-service onsite and bookkeepers at the hourly rate. It offers special discounted price option for offsite bookkeepers.

Essential traits that you may require to qualify as bookkeeper include numerical accuracy and other excellent mathematical skills. Furthermore, you should be very patient and dedicated and should not pay close attention to every little minute detail. You need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and you  may also require having some excellent organization skills to deal with financial system of the business if you are willing to get employed for.

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