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Hiring a bookkeeper Melbourne can be particularly important for those who own their own business. However, there is a lot of confusion over what rates are acceptable. It’s hard to be sure what bookkeeping rates you’ll face when you have never hired a bookkeeper before. You want to make sure you aren’t being overcharged for their service; and it’s important to understand the basics of bookkeeping rates and how some bookkeepers come up with their costs. Read on to find out how much bookkeepers can earn today.

Entry Level Bookkeeping Costs

Those just starting out in the freelance bookkeeping business are more than likely to start off with a base price of around fifteen dollars per hour. Now, this is a really fair and reasonable price for any bookkeeper in Australia today and you have to remember, bookkeepers don’t usually spend ten or twelve hours on one set of books per week. If you think about it, fifteen dollars is nothing really because sometimes (depending on how much take they require), they earn less than a hundred dollars per month. This is reasonable but of course, this is so often a starting point for newcomers until they gain more experience and build their reputation.

Accountancy Degrees Can Increase Rates

However, it’s important to note that bookkeeping rates can vary considerably. As said above, base prices usually start at around fifteen dollars, but that can increase to almost one hundred and fifty dollars per hour (you did read right) though that is the uncertain world of bookkeeping. The truth is rates can come down to how experienced a bookkeeper Melbourne is and what sort of degrees they have behind them. Those with degrees in accountancy, business management and even financial studies often are able to set their prices higher since they have such training. Degrees sometimes increase the bookkeeping rates so it’s something to take into consideration.Check latest reviews straight from the source.

Bookkeeping Company Costs

It’s hard to say for sure how much bookkeeping firms are going to charge as each creates their own price list. However, it wouldn’t be so bold to say that it can range from twenty five dollars per hour to say seventy. Be warned though, the higher the cost, the more services the bookkeeper should provide. This is very important to remember so that you aren’t just paying for a fancy degree. Bookkeepers really do set their own prices.

Potential Yearly Earnings

bookkeeping professionals

Let’s be honest, bookkeepers can earn anything from a few hundred dollars a year to several hundred thousand dollars a year. It really all depends on how many clients they have, how much work they carry out and how much they are willing to charge. For some, they start off with a fairly low yearly earnings total, but as they increase their client list, so does their yearly earning potential.Get additional bookkeeping tips at

Bookkeepers can earn excess of twenty five thousand dollars per year, however, other big named professional earn over half a million dollars. You aren’t going to reach those types of figures unless you really put the work in and get top paying clients however. A bookkeeper Melbourne just starting out can earn a liveable rate which is important to note if you’re thinking about getting into this field.

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